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“If you don’t care about other people’s perception or interpretation, you’re the only one who understands you.”

John May

I am a communication professional. With heart and soul. Very experienced in corporate, marketing and internal communication. For both managerial and executive functions. Over the years I have developed a preference for the mix of strategy and implementation.


Compare me with an architect who is mad about architecture and at the same time skilled as a constructor, electrician, carpenter, bricklayer and dry-waller. I prefer to act in the role of assisting foreman or team lead.


I am just as much in my element as the team manager who motivates, stimulates and inspires, as well as in the executive role of spokesperson or consultant, copywriter or content manager, website builder or inbound marketer.

A selection from my work

Business 2 Consumer

Een wijs besluit
Mattress brand UBICA from the 9th position to the 2nd position in brand awareness. Sales + 15%.
Zacht water bespaart
Within 1 year more than 95% of the Amsterdam households becomes familiar with savings opportunities due to water softening.
Thuis in de lucht
Airline Air Holland from 6th to 1st place Consumer Brand Preference.
Een kwestie van vertrouwen
Bank Lentjes & Drossaerts exceeded the target of 250 portfolios within 6 months.
Altijd in de buurt
Consumer confidence in dairy producer Menken van Grieken recovered. Sales +> 5% (from -60%).
The best deal
Profiling hardware supplier Amtron leads to desired acquisition. Sales +> 50%.
Netvista is here
Introduction IBM PC via ABNAMRO and TPGPost / BRUNA delivers sales + 15% and increase dealer network + 10%.
Draait om U
Number of subscriptions UNET fiber optic supplier surpassed by 8% within 12 months.

Business 2 Business

Ongekend Amerika
Within 6 months Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (Arizona, USA) on agenda European long haul transporters. Doubling long haul cargo load within 12 months.
From US to U
In the run-up to a merger with Kohl’s Groceries Stores brand preference from 6th to 1st place.
ALL for IT
Over 60 leads deliver 22 new contracts and 12 new projects for AMTRON hardware supplier. Customer base growth > 10%.
Launch of new Telecom provider NOWurTALKIN’ delivers > 10% resellers above target within 12 months.
Internet AKKOORD
In the run-up (6 months) towards the establishment of the NLIP partnership, all targets signed a covenant.
Launch PRIMUS VOIP services delivers > 30% resellers above target within 6 months.
MHC 50 jaar
Pro Bono 12 new permanent sponsors under contract and 9 sponsors for campaign. Budget Hockey club secured for 5 years.
Shows you the way
Launch of new software package COMPASS> 150% above target.

Internal & Change

Let’s Team UP!
Merging specialists from 10 KLM departments into OCC Operations Control Center. Motivation increases by 2.9 points from 5.8 to 8.7.
Reorganization CORUS Cold Mill. Motivation increases according to MTO by 1.4 points from 6.9 to 8.3. Appreciation campaign scores 9.0.
Restructuring ABP takes place according to plan. Motivation increases by 2 points from 6.8 to 8.8.
The art of comfort
Reorganization 2 business units RECTICEL, closure 1 business unit and adjustment of pension regulations. Motivation rises by 1.4 points from 6.6 to 8.0. Appreciation campaign scores 8.1.
Restructuring CORUS DIRECT SHEET PLANT. Motivation increases according to MTO 2.6 from 5.3 to 7.9. Appreciation campaign scores 8.7.
Beter NU
Restructuring after merger with British Telecom. Motivation increases by 0.9 from 7.5 to 8.4. Appreciation campaign scores 8.5.
IBM Central Business Council receives – contrary to what was supposed to happen – 12 new candidates.
Let’s GO for IT!
Restructuring cabling company CSG after acquisition IBM. Motivation increases by 1.5 from 6.6 to 8.1

From employee to civil servant to entrepreneur

Pensionfund PGGM

| 1980 – 1985 |
Information officer. Business journalist. Trainer.

Municipality of Amsterdam

| 1985 – 1990 |
Manager Internal & External Communication


| 1990 – 2000 |
Partner. Consultant. Trainer


| 2000 – present |
Owner. Consultant. Trainer.

Communication will always fascinate me

Some people believe that ‘simple’ is the ‘true’ meaning of communication. If that were true, than we would be undermining both the purpose of communication (to evolve through collaboration, forming societies), and the process (improve interaction by improving our attitude).

Communication lays the fundamentals of evolution. It enables us to collaborate. I can’t stop analyzing WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW, just like I can’t stop learning. I want to be able to put myself in the other(man’s) situation. Do I detect ( a lack of) commitment, sincerity, trust, passion and ownership? That sparks my inborn curiosity. Communication fuels my constant search for better understanding. We learn so much more from each other than we ever can on our own.

Others about me

John’s resume makes it clear that he is an absolute top professional. In an interview in Adformatie I called John the best communication man in the Netherlands. I base this qualification on my 10-year personal work experience with John. He is that, almost impossible, combination of strategic thinker and creative phenomenon. Excellent listener, fast-paced analyst, always thorough in content, fast, a businesslike and creative pen, socially committed, experience in many sectors and industries, fully bilingual and at home in four more languages. He is an amiable and humorous man, who convinces and enthuses people.
Raoul M. J. Hoyng, partner Van Luyken Communication Advisors.

As business unit manager Recticel Insulation I have profited from John’s services for many years. As a communication consultant, he is not only involved in my Insulation business unit, but in the other Recticel business units (Comfort, Bedding Technical Foams, Aviation) as well. He is the forerunner for product launches, internal & external communication, marketing and crisis communication. John is a highly skilled and experienced communication consultant who is well versed in the business of his client and always demonstrates a high level of knowledge in many areas. Collaborating with him is relaxed and enjoyable.
Jan M. Brandt, retired business unit manager Recticel Insulation Netherlands.

John and I have worked together for many years in different environments. At AT & T Nederland I asked John to accompany the ‘change’ communicatively, which yielded excellent results. In my responsibility for HRM at CORUS (Cold Mill) I did not hesitate to ask John again. His plan and execution were so successful that he was also asked to supervise the reorganization at two other factories (DSP & Hot Mill). My experiences with John are extremely positive: strong in analysis, creative in his proposals, energetic and reliable execution in close contact with management and customers and versatile, with excellent results.
Marcel Brans, Head of Knowledge & Competence Development Naktuinbouw.

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